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>> reporter: a decorated police officer. caught roaming between houses in the middle of a summer night, was jeff pelo looking for lakeside property or looking for another victim? >> all i was doing was walking through the lake to the road. you're implying that i'm doing something mischievous between these houses. >> reporter: were sergeant pelo back in his station, they decide to try a voice lineup. >> here's the deal, it's going to be half an hour. it's dpipg to be really bad halve half an hour for you. but if you don't make any noise, you'll get through it. >> when the third victim heard his voice, she literally curled herself into a fetal position. >> if you spend two hours
11:16 pm
listening to that person, threatening and degrade you, it doesn't take very much to recognize it. >> trust me, i have done this before. >> reporter: it wasn't just pelo's voice that victims recognized, sarah had remembered those blue eyes. >> reporter: when you saw photographs? >> i didn't have any doubt that was who was in my apartment. >> reporter: pelo's colleagues wheeler and dick escorted him to another familiar spot, jail, it was here where pelo dropped a bomb shell. >> he made a comment about the red-headed victim that she was in my hearing the other day. >> reporter: what was significant to you about the comment about the red-head victim. >> the comments top individual victims wasn't released to the whole department. >> no good reason for him to know who the victims if he
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wasn't there. >> reporter: back at sergeant pelo's house, finally some hard evidence tying the cop directly to the rape a jacket and a ski mask carrying fabric fibers matching those on doubt tape used on kristi. >> fiber evidence is what i think is important. >> reporter: there was more, incriminati incriminating pornography found on his computers the pictures he was looking at home was mirroring that he was doing to his victims. >> male dominating the victim. >> reporter: how disappointing was it that it was their own? >> to go to the victims and say it was one of my own that did this to you it's pretty devastating.
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>> reporter: sergeant jeff pelo went on trial in may 2008 the most damaging testimony came from his victims. >> i do think his biggest mistakes he chose the wrong women to assaults. the women he survived his attacks were willing to stand up and say what happened. >> reporter: after six weeks the jury returned a damning verdict, guilty on 35 counts of rape, kidnapping and stalking. 25 of those countries for the attack on sarah. he was sentenced to 440 years, one of the longest sentences in illinois history. >> i thought it was important to have this -- to have him be accountable. >> reporter: pelo's wife. >> i felt badly for the victims. i really do. but they got the wrong man. >> right after the verdict, how
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could this system fail so much? i stood by my husband. people have called me crazy for standing by your husband. >> reporter: is it possible that there was a dark side to jeff pelo that you didn't know? of course, anything is possible, i guess. i don't know if anyone can have such a dark side, the one closest to them doesn't know. >> reporter: ricky tried to shut out the present. fondly remembering the jeff pelo that she knew, the man she fell in love when she was just 18. >> i fell in love with his eyes, his eyes were so beautiful. i could just lose myself in those. >> reporter: ironically, pelo's eyes is what his victims told poli police. that's our show for tonight. don't forget to join me on friday at 10:00.m. eastern for
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"20/20." i'm chris cuomo, for all of us at abc news, have a great night. hurricane
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now, it is time to turn the page. >> president obama and the u.s. combat mission in iraq. hurricane watch. most of the eastern seaboard in advance of hurricane earl. and the steps one local business is taking to keep lawyers away. captioned by the national captioning institute and we begin tonight with the latest news on hurricane earl. the category 4 storm is turning away in the atlantic. >> it is still a very, very strong, big hurricane, over 400 miles across the hurricane. this is the outer banks and eastern parts of north carolina. that is the one area that is
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now under a hurricane watch, and what that watch means is that hurricane conditions are possible, possible, and of to two days in advance people like to issue those. it is still about 1,000 miles away from the outer banks of north carolina. here is the very latest from the folks at the tropical prediction center, and with time, this is shifting a little bit to the east, so why the will have an impact in the form of some very, very heavy surf, right now, i think the threat of the landfall is diminishing -- while it will have an impact in the form of some very, very heavy surf. i will have later what it means for us in the washington area, but right now, i would not change dramatically any weekend plans. >> thanks for that advice there, bob. and jered baywatch has been
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issued for most of the north carolina coast -- a hurricane watch has been issued. >> federal emergency officials are calling on travelers to prepare for a potential problem in the coming days along the eastern seaboard as hurricane earl nears. it left its mark in the caribbean, leaving behind destruction. in joining time off along most of the east coast -- enjoying time off. lifeguards rescued and exhausted swimmer who was caught in a riptide. >> suddenly, i am really getting scared. but they got me back out. >> from the carolinas to massachusetts, beachgoers are feeling the effects. >> it felt like someone was grab
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a new and trying to pull you back in. then you turn around, and there are one of those big waves. >> passing into the delmarva area, which could have strong winds, but preparations need to be made. >> these storms may speed up. you may think this storm is further south, and you are further north, and it can speed up on you, and we do not want to be caught by surprise. >> there is so much talk about the impact that the damage has already been done to the bottom line according to one restaurant turncoat -- and restaurant -- according to one restauranteur. >> for more information, go to
11:25 pm using the same words that president bush used to declare war, president obama today said america is officially ending its combat mission. but this was not to say that the cause was over. >> tonight, i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> it was a far cry from mission accomplished and for good reason. the president called the with a drawl and a transition -- called the withdrawal a transition. it was a time for thanks. >> congratulations on a job well done. the country appreciate you. i appreciate you. >> it was also a time to remember the fallen. >> the courage of these men and women, their determination their sacrifice, and the
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sacrifice of their families, along with the sacrifice of so many others in uniform, have made this day, this transition possible, and we must never forget. >> the withdrawal also fulfills the president's campaign pledge to and campaign missions in iraq, but house leader john boehner reminded americans that president obama opposed president bush's troop surge. >> they fought tooth and nail to stop the surge strategy and now proudly takes credit for the results. >> after spending vast sums on the war, he said it is time now to turn the nation's attention homeward. some 50,000 troops remain in iraq, a fraction of those that were there during the troop surge. the rest will be gone by the end of next year.
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now, to the war in afghanistan, where five more troops were killed today. 19 american lives were cleaned in just four days. fighting back in southern and eastern strongholds, a total of 55 service members killed in afghanistan in august. a new round of mideast peace talks are set to begin korean secretary hilary clinton met with mahmoud abbas. -- a new round of mideast peace talks are set to begin. secretary hilary clinton met with mahmoud abbas. there are continued tensions in the region. today, four were killed by palestinian gunmen in the west bank'. election officials began counting absentee ballots, and there was a slight gain. also new at 11:00 tonight,
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and 83-year-old woman was assaulted yesterday after the man broke into the woman's home in glen birdie. the suspect is described as a young man with a big build. coming up, some land engineers are embarking on an unprecedented effort to free 33 men trapped underground. a progress report, coming up. even though it is tuesday night, this is usually packed with young people, but tonight, as you can see, it is pretty much empty. it is all things to a little white box. it is all things to a little white box.
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see what you think about this one. some new technology is being billed as a teenager repellent.
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we are live in northwest with more. john? >> well, leon, most here in chinatown agree there is a major problem involving teenagers and fights here late at night, but some are questioning the solution that was taken. the metro at gallery place in stock that devise right there, known as the mosquito, which causes headaches. >> just keep going. >> some hear it, others do not. it is usually used for rodents and animals. now, combating teenagers at one of the busiest spots in d.c. this device, first used in europe, it is to drive off those who are loitering. >> it is an annoying sound to keep people away. >> it was installed a few weeks
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ago after a massive brawl here at this metro stop. >> " if it works, that would be nice. -- >> if it works, that would be nice. there was this statement -- the annoying tone can be heard 50 feet away and changes frequency, which means that sometimes, everyone can hear it. >> harmful. >> this d.c. resident says there is a better solution. >> the d.c. council needs to a net loitering laws -- needs to enact loitering laws. >> the developer went one step further.
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it could induce headaches and nausea, but the maker of the device says they are not harmful. live in northwest washington, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> all right, thank you, john. coming up, but ryan is back with the latest on hurricane earl -- bob ryan is back.
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last night, we told you of the tragic story of a girl who was struck and killed while riding a bicycle in alexandria. cynne simpson has more. >> residents in this alexandria community are having to explain to their children that when they return to school at the elementary school, they will not see their friend, rebecca johnson.
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that is because she was killed in a tragic crash, a crash that many neighbors they could have been prevented. a child stellate -- a t-shirt -- marks thet-shirt spot. she was attempting to cross the street when she was struck. >> we have been complaining about it. no response from vdot. >> residents say there is no safe place to cross franconia, despite there being two schools along this corridor. traffic often exceeds the 35 mile per hour speed limit. >> there might be some crosswalks, but i would not trust most drivers to stop. >> the mayor says she has complained to state legislators and vdot for years, without
11:37 pm
success. >> they do not have the money to widen the road, and there is nothing the county can do about it. >> they are hoping what happened to little rebecca johns will not happen again. >> it is time we have some action. >> people have received telephone calls notifying them of the passing of rebecca johns, and many are saying they will no longer allow their children to walk or ride bicycles along franconia. drilling is underway to help free the 33 miners to a contract under grote -- who have been trapped underground in chile. this effort could take as long as four months. it is so deep, it will take
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three hours to bring each man to the surface. the fbi is now backing off of a search after two men who were involved in a terror plot in amsterdam -- the video shows the man being led off of the plane. at first, investigators thought the men were taking a test run for a terror attack. now, they say that the men did not know each other. all lanes of interstate 95 in the fredericksburg area are back open again not. newschopper 7 shot this video after the truck crashed and burst into flames. the southbound lanes were shut down for nearly two hours, leading to a 10-mile-long backup. another day in the 90's, and i want to emphasize again that earl will most likely be staying
11:39 pm
off the coast, and right now, i myself would not change my plans dramatically. you have 135 mile per hour hurricane winds. meteorologically, these are the summer months. the summer is now officially over. well, it will be at midnight. the high this summer we have ever had here in washington. our temperature outside right nail 81 degrees after a high of 96. we were over four degrees above average. august. this is also the hottest june we have ever had and the hottest july we have ever had, and this is the hottest august we have had since way back in 1995. it will be very heavy surf and very dangerous rip currents because of even the proximity of
11:40 pm
earl, hundreds of miles off of the coast korean ocean city itself, by the way, has only about 5% chance of seeing winds of hurricane force -- hundreds of miles off of because. ocean city itself has only about a 5% chance of seeing winds of hurricane force. to our west. out here is the very edge of earl. this is florida. this is the great satellite view. winds are still 135 miles per hour. again, roughly 1,000 miles southeast of cape hatteras. that is the zone or cone of uncertainty, which means about a 66% probability that the track will be someplace in that area.
11:41 pm
this could be a little bit more towards the east, which is good news. here is what is going on for us overnight in the meantime. courier, another warm one as you head out for your wednesday -- clear, another warm one. moderate levels of ozone and air quality, temperatures in the mid 90's. we will see temperatures again on friday in the 90's. around the washington area, no real impact, but there could be some gusty winds out at the beaches. cloudy sunday and monday. the holiday looks good. >> it right here for you, folks. and we will also have
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tonight on "nightline," the preparations for hurricane earl. in the meantime, we have got its boards. we have got stephen strasburg, who is about to undergo the knife. the nats get into it with the marlins. did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?
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all right, let's start with stephen strasburg. he will have tommy john surgery, and the recuperation is expected to be 12 to 18 months, and 80 to 92% are the listed chances for success. jordan zimmermann, nine strikeouts. now, they took the marlins into extra innings tonight. adam kennedy. watch this. here we go. this is the play at home. niger morgan tied the score, all of the way to second. brett hayes. roger bernadina.
11:48 pm
1-0, the final. the red sox and orioles. this one over with two home runs in the eighth. 5-2. at the u.s. open, all of the top seeds advance. rafael nadal advanced. sharipova had to regroup. she used everything in her arsenal to rally and win it. for-6, 6-3, 5-1. certainly, the main concern for the last 11 days has been the andle of donovan mcnabb -- the ankle.
11:49 pm
the other story tonight which caught my attention is the new york fan who went on espn with a hot dog for an autograph trade. they were taking pictures of this. he was having a hot dog. there was a mock celebration. sanchez was once eating during a game. and on more serious note, four players released from the redskins today. >>

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